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Have you been asked for APK of your app?

  • 13 February 2020
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Hey guys - wondering if you can help.

We have a new app in Zapier, it allows you to trigger your Zaps with NFC Tags. We've had a bunch of users (some of them you!) try it out, and it's looking/feeling good.

Question is - we're currently going through the Zapier approval process to go public and it's also going seemingly well (Zapier has been in touch), but it's taking a while, and now this morning we've just been asked to send Zapier an APK of our app. Anyone got a clue as to why Zapier would ask for that? The app is free and downloadable on Android/iPhone.

Seems a little out of the ordinary but perhaps I'm missing something. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,



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7 replies

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Hi @Gemma

Thanks again for the chance to test those NFC chips!

As to this issue, I've got no personal experience, but I'm tagging @EmilyBreuninger from the Partner team who can probably give you/all of us some clarity on this requirement.

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Thanks @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu. It does indeed seem a little out of the ordinary.

@EmilyBreuninger could you shed some light? Perhaps a miscommunication? Our app is called "TAP NFC Management" in Zapier.



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@EmilyBreuninger @Danvers - anyone able to get back to me on this?

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@Gemma Thanks for being patient. We are escalating this and will get back to you soon.

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Hi there,

It looks like Anthony on our team has been working with you 🙂 Here's what he told me: we need the APK in order to test the app on an emulator to use your app. We don’t have designated test devices we can download the app on.

Hope that helps!

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@EmilyBreuninger thanks for following up!

We heard from the team today and they've been able to publish our app to Beta so we're onto the next stage of launch. Off to go make some templates :)


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@Gemma Love it! Your post actually spurred a discussion and we decided your app was good to go without the APK, thanks for bringing it up 🙂