Grouping API input fields

  • 24 November 2021
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Is there a way to somehow group input fields?

My API has a lot of input fields, but only a few are really required, though to some users all might be important and I cannot exclude any of them. However, if I put everything in, the list of fields is really long and very difficult to read. It would be great if I could somehow group fields, or better yet, have an option to dynamically display fields. 

I know there are children fields, but not sure that this is the intended use-case - there are no line-items here, just a group of fields that fall into the came category. 

Also, I know there are dynamic fields as well, but I’m looking more of a show-hide option, where the fields have their default setting, and will be sent to the API, but won’t be shown to the user unless they click a button to show advanced options. 


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