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Getting 404 error after successfully conection added in private app

  • 5 June 2023
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Hello Support,
I have a installed a private app .Which is related to my client i didn’t have access to the  clients account, i am working as a developer .We are  getting 404 error after adding new connection . but the connections are added successfully. Can you please look into this i have added the screen of app.
Please check the screenshot.
Please check .That  why we are getting 404 error after api authentication.



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Hi @Mohit ,

This appears to be related to a bug that has been reported to Zapier’s engineering team. 

To be clear, as you mentioned, the connection itself should still be successful and should work within your Zaps. The nature of the bug is that the connection window is having some trouble redirecting back to a valid page. After connecting, please try refreshing. The connection should then appear.

We’ll keep pushing for a fix, but please let us know if anything else comes up in the meantime!

We are having a similar issue - from my apps I choose Custom Integrations, then our integration (Signup 1.0.0). Clicking + Add Connection we get an OAuth login screen and after successful login redirect back to zapier but it goes to (note the null) and the connection is not listed.

Zaps work, everything else works fine and we have several customers using our connection but this flow has stopped working for some reason.

This sounds a little different as the new connection is not listed but very similar?

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Hey @carol , 

Interesting, that does indeed sound a little different, although it may have the same root cause.

One thing that comes to mind: If the integration uses OAuth and was made public, it’s possible the redirect URL changed. 

If you’re an admin on the integration, and it uses OAuth, I might suggest checking the redirect URL in the OAuth settings. 

Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to our team and they’ll be glad to investigate in more detail:


Thanks for the response. The integration is using the same redirect URL in OAuth as the one listed in our Zapier settings. I have opened a ticket using the link you gave, but am hoping there might be some ideas/solution in this chat. Thanks again.

I have similar issue here . Can someone help 


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Hey @Mushtaq Ahmed ,

Based on the screenshot, I might suggest double-checking that the redirect URI is correct.

Otherwise, troubleshooting might involve a bit more investigation that we’re capable of here, so please feel welcome to reach out to our Platform Support team: