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I’m working on an integration and I’m struggling to filter by “name” the choices from an input field which is populated dynamically. I searched for a few days a way to do that, but I was unable to find something.

This is the definition of my Create operation:


The fetch_contacts is a hidden trigger with this definition:



In the fetch_contacts trigger defition I added on line 8 the page to the request.

Because we have a lot of marketing lists, we also want to add to request.params the search keyword.

When I’m saying search keyword  I’m reffering to this from Zapier UI:



It’s annoying for an user to press the “Load More” button in the Zapier UI until he find the list he’s looking for. For example, let’s say our page batch size is 100 and the list he’s looking for is on the position 358. In that case, the user must press the “Load More” button 3 times, but this is totally counterintuitive.

Basically, we want to call our APIs with the page and the search keyword, not only with the page.

Can anyone help us with this issue, please ?

Thank you,


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Hi @eciprian 

It is not possible to use the input from that search bar to reload your dropdown list.


The user can however, use the custom option to map values if they know exactly what they are looking for.

Another option might be to consider adding a search action to your app so that users can search for a marketing list by name and get back the id. 


One last option might be to just ask for the Marketing List name from the zapier user and then you can make an api call before your main request to figure out the list id to include. 


hope that helps!

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Hi eciprian,

GetUWired’s response looks good to me. Definitely let us know if you have any more questions!