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Error when deleting a zap containing a custom integration

  • 22 September 2020
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Hi there!

I developed a custom integration and it works very well. I can create it, add a trigger, etc.

The only “bug” I have is that, when I try to delete a Zap containing this integration, I get:

“Error deleting Zap: invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected end of JSON input”

Does someone already had the problem? Is there something to do on my side?


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5 replies

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Try refreshing the page after trying to delete the Zap, it should be deleted.

Zapier had some recent issues which were likely contributing to the problem you were encountering:

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Hi @Troy Tessalone,

Yes, at the end, after refresh, it is ok. Thanks for the info regarding the issues. I will check that later in the week, I was wondering if I did something wrong.

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Was the trigger you wrote a rest hook type trigger?  As a developer there shouldn’t be anything you might do that effects the user experience of removing a Zap.  The only thing I can think of that might be relevant here is that Zapier does send an unsubscribe request to your rest hook subscription endpoint whenever a Zap is paused.   If that request failed, or returned an un-parsable payload, it’s conceivable you might end up with a message like that.  

If your trigger is a polling trigger this is not relevant, and it’s likely something else behaving funny other than your integration.


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Hi @Zane,

Yes, it is a rest hook trigger. But the unsubscribed request works well when the zap is disabled. I'm returning a json, but maybe there are some mandatory fields expected?

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I got an answer from the support. It is a known bug that will be solved soon.