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Does subscription_url include what option was selected in the trigger?

  • 30 August 2019
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This is probably a dumb question, but I'm working on developing my first REST zap. I created a webhook that allows the user to select a landing page to monitor. How do I know which landing page they selected? I assume I am supposed to manage that on my end and then send the update to the hook when that landing page is updated?


Best answer by autogration 8 October 2019, 16:06

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6 replies

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Hi @autogration,

First: there's no such thing as a dumb question. Congrats on building your first REST Zap!

From what I can tell in your question, you're setting up a webhook subscription which will allow someone to be notified when changes are made to a landing page. Is that correct?

It might help me (and anyone else who might like to take a crack at this) to understand just a bit more about the app(s) that you're trying to connect with your Zap. Do you operate the API that the trigger step is subscribing to? Can you provide a bit more context about the situation?


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Thanks for responding @TheDavidJohnson. I am trying to create a custom app to connect the API for a CRM software to Zapier. We have access to the API code. The CRM includes the ability to create simple landing pages. When someone captures contact info on the landing page it is set up to be a trigger. The problem is right now the trigger is firing for ALL landing page updates, when it should only fire on when the SELECTED page is updated. When someone first sets up the trigger in their zap it only returns this:

{ "subscription_url": "", "target_url": "", "event": "landing_page_submitted" }

This does not tell me which landing page they chose so I don't know how to make sure to limit the results to that landing page.

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OK @autogration, that makes sense. Would it be possible to link to the API documentation for the CRM? (You'd be welcome to message me privately if that would be preferable.)

The docs will tell us (hopefully!) whether it's possible to subscribe to a specific landing page or not and, if so, the proper syntax to accomplish that end.

If it's not possible to set up a subscription for a specific landing page, then we should take a look at the data coming in to your webhook to see if there's anything in there we can use to identify the source. Sometimes that sort of thing is buried or is very subtle.

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@TheDavidJohnson thank you for your willingness to help! It turned out that the problem was we needed to upgrade to the newer CLI version of the code to see the ability to send the id of the Page that needs to be monitored. It is very odd that the old version would not only lack this core functionality, but hide the fact that it would be enabled by upgrading. Once we upgraded it was a quick fix!

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Thanks for coming back to us to let us know that you were able to work this one out @autogration!

I'll pass on your feedback that we could do with better messaging about the need for upgrading to the newer version of the app builder, thanks for sharing it!

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Thank you so much Danvers!