Do I've to skip v2 documentation entirely?

  • 30 August 2021
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I’m going to develop an app for Zapier. 

do I’ve to skip this documentation entirely?

If yes.

then where I can see the v3 requirements like first app include (2-3 triggers/actions). as v2 doc states? 


I’ve check this doc url. but want to confirm here about I’m really following the correct doc what will be the actual requirements.

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4 replies

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The docs on ‘documentation/v2’ are mostly legacy and for folks still on the legacy Web Builder. Most current policy and process docs should have an equivalent entry on  

We’re hoping to finally get our docs consolidated, reorganized, and made nicely searchable in coming months. 

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as I’m already following new doc link to create a new integration. 

Actually this new link have not clear requirements about what is needed to Launch.

For example

v2 states about first Launch:

1-Triggers: you can go with Launch with (2 or 3) triggers

2- Actions: you can go with Launch with (2 or 3) actions

3- Searches: This is optional (wecan skip in first Launch as this is an advanced)

Public release: you should have 10 Zap templates & 50 users. etc..


do I’ve to follow inherit requirements or any change in above requirements?

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any reply on this?

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You can treat the v3 docs as complete and canonical. 


To get your integration published (made available to everyone through the Zapier App Directory) with a beta banner, follow the guidance here, as well as the automatic validation rules and warnings the platform tools will provide you with. 

Limits on the numbers of triggers and actions for publishing are recommendations and best practices now, not strictly enforced rules - if that’s the crux of your question. It is still best to start with your strongest use cases and then augment and enhance your integration as you learn how your users are actually engaging with it.

To advance out of beta and get the benefits of the Zapier partner program, after you get published, take the next steps outlined here:

If you have specific questions about your app and the program please reach out to the partner team at