Do I need to duplicate Zaps for my clients or users?

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi All. I’m trying to understand something about Zaps. I set up an integration with my company’s application that connects Zapier with customers data. I have a Zap set up so that when a new customer is added to our app, that customer is duplicated in QuickBooks Online. I also have a Zap set up so that the same thing happens in our CRM.

Do I need to duplicate that Zap for each person who uses our application, or does having it set up work for all of our users? Right now, Zapier should poll our API and see any new customers every 2 minutes. If any are found, they get duplicated in QBO and the CRM.

And, to take it one step further - we use our application in-house, but also license it to other companies for their own use. When they log in, they connect to their own tables in our database to maintain their data. Do I need to set up Zaps for them, or do the Zaps that work with our company’s customers also apply to theirs, since its all the same API and same endpoints?

Thanks in advance!

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1 reply

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Nope.  No need to have a separate zap for each customer providing you’ve created it as it sounds you have.