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Dictionary Inputs - UI/UX Improvement (Request)

  • 8 October 2019
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How it Currently Works:


Zocuments API expects a dictionary for document merge data. In Zapier I've had to implement 2 input fields to associate dictionary keys (merge keys w/in the document template) and values (cells from a Google Sheet) to accomplish the build up of this dictionary.


In the above screen shot, the Template Key Search input is populated by a Trigger so the user can copy/paste into the Template Merge Field Data key:

Screenshot from 2019-10-08 10-38-04.pngUser must copy/paste from Template Key Search into left-hand key side of Template Merge Field Data. And repeat the process for as many key/value pairs needed.

Screenshot from 2019-10-08 10-38-44.png

This is somewhat cumbersome for the end-user to figure out, and requires lots of clicking/copying/pasting back and forth.

Proposed Alternative:


I would like to propose the key side of the dictionary inputs can also be populated w/ a Trigger just like the value side is


This would reduce the number of inputs, drastically decreases the click count, and would make for a better overall end-user experience.



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@Zocuments - I like your thinking! On a similar vein, it would be nice if both sides of a filter rule could be populated variably unlike now.

FYI, official Zapier policy is for all requests to goto so they can be probperly logged (although it's still fine to discuss them here).

However, this one sounds like it might involve changes to the integration builder platform - so maybe requests for that get differently routed, I'm not sure? @Danvers / @jesse will probably jump in here at some point to clarify.

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Hey @Zocuments! Thanks for the thoughtful feedback about the Zapier app builder!

@Andrew_Luhhu is right that the best thing to do if you have some feedback or a feature request is to drop the support team a line - this is true of the development platform as well. I've forwarded this message to the team to save you from having to type out your thoughts again, they'll be in touch as soon as possible 🙂

Of course you are more than welcome to discuss your thoughts about things like this on the Community, it can be great to bounce ideas of other people and we definitely don't want to stop you from doing that!