Connecting Zapier to my platform

  • 30 September 2022
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Hi guys,

I want to integrate Zapier as a middleware between my platform and Connectwise. 

What Zapier helps me are pushing accounts and subscription from our platform to be Companies/Additions in ConnectWise.

The problem is now my platform does not have Zapier on that, I have to create my own connectors. It means I have to configurate from A to Z manually.

Can I ask if it is possible to do that? If yes, how can I map the variables from our system to Zapier. Or I just need to map our variables with ConnectWise variables, Zapier will transfer all the data based on mapped variables?

Is it allowed if I tell our platform here?



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5 replies

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Hey Oscar 👋

I don’t quite follow the question - Zapier to moves information from one app to another automatically rather than manually (demo here). It sounds like you’re looking to send data from your app to the existing Connectwise integration, is that right?

Most of the apps at Zapier are built by developers using the "Visual Builder" Platform, which is a web interface that allows you to get started quickly by connecting to your platform’s API 

Getting Started Guide 

The resource above will provide you with an overview of integrations, the Visual Builder, and the next steps to start building.

For an intro to APIs in general, check out: - your platform would be required to have an API to build a Zapier integration/”connector”.  

Alternatively, for more advanced functionality, integrations can also be built using the Zapier CLI. I'll include a link to the CLI documentation below just in case you're curious:

CLI documentation 

Once you've got an integration built in the Zapier Developer Platform, you can keep it Private and invite your users to use and test the integration: 

You’ll be able to map the fields you’ve configured as output fields for your app triggers, into Connectwise action input fields, to send data from A (your app) to B (Connectwise).   

To submit your app for review to be Published on, you'd want to review the Integration Review Guidelines here:   

Hope this points you in the right direction for next steps!

Hi Marina,

Correct me if I am wrong. Is that right if I said I could not integrate Zapier to my system without doing Integration Review Guidelines? Or I just need to do that when I want to publish for others to use?

My goal is whenever there is whenever there is a subscriptions are made in my platform, it will pushed to Addtions in CW Manage.



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Hi @OscarLe 

Correct, the app would only need to meet the Integration Review Guidelines here: if you wish to publish it in the App Directory on

If you choose to keep it Private/internally shared to your users with a sharing link, you don’t need to pass all the guidelines. A maximum of 100 users can be added this way.

The following criteria would require the app to stay private: and the terms of service to use the Zapier Platform to build any app (private or public) are here: 


Hi Marina, 

Before we research for Zapier. Can I integrate Zapier as middleware that sits between our platform and CW Manage?



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Hi Oscar,

I might not be understanding your question, but the answer is “yes,” and Marina’s answers point you to the resources to help you do so.

Is there something specifically in the documentation you have a question about?