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Can Zaps reuse existing access tokens?

  • 3 August 2021
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Hi Zapier,


My team is setting up an integration with Zapier, so that our clients (other companies) can authorize Zapier to send requests to our service on their behalf.


We were setting up OAuth v2 authentication for our integration, but ran into a problem. We noticed that Zapier goes through the OAuth flow for each new Zap. This is a problem for us because we really only need a company to authorize Zapier once. This also seems redundant to us, because scopes are defined in the Zapier Integration OAuth setup - so each token would have the same scopes.


Is there an option in Zapier to specify the behavior: in the case where user A has already authorized integration B, Zapier should re-use the existing token for new Zaps?


Or, can you shed light on what considerations we might be missing?





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5 replies

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Hi @ahoustonfloyd - Actually, that’s the default behavior - Zapier will reuse the access token (or refresh it when it expires) as long as the zaps are using the same connected account. If you go to the Monitoring section of your integration page in Zapier Platform, you should be able to see what requests are being sent and possibly spot the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

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Hi @ikbelkirasan , thanks for your response.


Our tokens never expire. After a user logs into our account once in Zapier, do they ever have to log in again?

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@ahoustonfloyd No they won’t have to log in again if the token doesn’t expire.

If you check the Monitoring section as I suggested in the previous reply, do you see any 401 errors?

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@ikbelkirasan thanks very much for the advice. The Monitoring section was very helpful in explaining the issue. We saw 404s from our test endpoint, fixed that and we got to a working install flow.


After that, I confirmed that I was able to reuse the existing connection, like you said.


Thank you!


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Fantastic! Glad you were able to figure it out :)