Can we show different actions and triggers to different users, based on what they are actually authorized to do in my app?

  • 2 August 2022
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I mean I don't want some users to see the triggers or actions in my app’s zapier integration, which they are actually unauthorized to do in my app. The permissive nature of zapier is making everyone to see what can be done with the app and even setup zaps, only to be surprised later in the app, that they actually cannot even do those things in the actual app for which zaps are created. 

This situation is coming to surface, because in our case we have users or our app who have different level of functional access (fairly common case), for example only few users are allowed to access financial data and events, now I don’t want to show gotPayment trigger in Zapier integration to all users but may be to select few. Similar problem can be with the “actions” as not all users seeing action items while building a zap, can be authorized to actually create in our app.  

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2 replies

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I do not believe this is something that you can do in Zapier. The solution i most often see is to put a disclaimer in the trigger/action description that states something along the lines of “*This trigger is only available to xyz users”. I would also be sure to include it in your Common Problems documentation of your help docs

Thanks @GetUWired for the reply, you suggestion does make sense.