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Can't select REST Hook when creating a trigger

  • 26 July 2022
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I am in the developer platform and I am trying to create a new trigger. As I step through this process, I can’t select the “REST Hook” option and I get the below warning.

If I enter an API endpoint in the required field and save, I am then allowed to switch over to REST Hook. This seems like a bug but maybe I’m confused. It seems like the API Endpoint field should be left blank on the Polling form if you are trying to set up a REST Hook. But like I said, if I leave it blank, clicking on the REST Hook option does nothing but gives me a warning.

What I want to do is set up a REST Hook and I don’t want polling to be an option (if that is possible). Thank you community!



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Hey @alanhett!

I just checked with our platform support team to see if that’s intended (and if so, what needs to be done to move forward) or whether it’s a bug.

I’ll get back to you here once I hear back from them!

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+1 Having same issue, super frustrating.

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Hi @alanhett and @NicC!

I’ve confirmed with the team that it is, in fact, a known bug. The workaround for now is exactly what you mentioned, Alan:

  • Add a temporary URL to the API endpoint field
  • Click on the Save API Request & Continue button
  • Choose REST Hook

It’s not ideal but for now, it does at least allow you to move forward!