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Calling a partner API

  • 15 March 2022
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Hi all,

I am completely new to Zapier and somewhat new to Shopify.  We have a product that allows a customer to sign up for subscription and the product automatically gets shipped to them every 30 days.  In addition, this product allows customers to be reimbursed for a portion of their purchase.  The first time the customer makes an order and signs up for the subscription, we present them with a form to fill out that gives us all the data we need to submit the reimbursement claim on their behalf.  We are using a webhook to save that data to MySql.  Customers should only have to fill out this form the first time and we submit the reimbursement claims for them in the future automatically.


What we want to do, is when the new order is sent each month:

Pull data from MySQL about the customer and format an HTTP request.

Submit the reimbursement claim on their behalf by sending the request through our partner’s API.  


Has anyone done something similar to this?  What is the best way to go about it?



R Bailey



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Hi @RBailey 

Good question.

That will depend on the API documentation for where you are trying to post the HTTP request.

Once you have the partner’s API documentation to reference, you can configure a Zap that uses a Webhook app as an action step:

Thanks.  How would I go about getting the data from MySQL?  Would that be another webhook?  Can you have mulitple actions in one Zap or does it need to be two different ones?




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Yes, Zaps can have multiple action steps. (This requires a Zapier paid plan.)


Help article:

Zaps are limited to 100 steps, including all steps within paths.

If you need more than 100 steps, you can separate your Zap into multiple Zaps.

Or, you can use paths, create a lookup table with Formatter, or pick from a list of items with Formatter.

Thank you.  Very helpful information.  We do have a paid plan so I will start working on this.