Best answer Zapier platform (GUI) - unable to fixError code T004 for a trigger

  • 26 April 2022
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Hi Zapier community!

I’m trying to integrate our application into zapier platform - for now using the UI and not CLI

The only remaining publishing tasks pending to fix is related with one concrete trigger and related with the error T004


  • Static sample includes fields not found in latest task history (ID: 00bba78e-4aec-aea9-9cd8-c01ced0c6791); extra keys: "id"

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3 replies

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Hey @parask 👋

That error is described in detail here: 

You’ll want to make sure that the sample data defined in step 3 of the trigger setup:


is the same as that which is coming in from live triggers of Zaps using this trigger: 

If you Test Your API Request in the Visual Builder UI, you can make the edit to the sample with the current response from the API endpoint being used. 

Hey, I hope you’re doing great. I have a problem that I am not being able to resolve. I keep getting the following error that’s refraining me to publish my app:-
Static sample includes fields not found in latest task history (ID: 00d49543-2046-a4e7-a86b-a26973fc7a31); extra keys: “id”, “msg”

This is the sample data that I have set :-
 “id”: 2,
 “msg”: “Action, thriller”,
 “date”: “123”,
I have also attached a screenshot of it (the first one).

The data that my latest zap returns is :-
msg:Action, thriller
Also attached a screenshot of it (second one):-

I want to publish my Zapier App and this is the only error that I am getting. I need the client_id of my Zapier app as I want to embed my zaps on my original (Vue) application.

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Hey @arslan,

It looks like, based on this comment over here, that you’ve solved this issue. Is that correct?