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API Key Authentication URL is calling server twice

  • 26 July 2021
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Hi Folks,

I created an app on zapier (dummy name) “xyz”.

I am a developer of “xyz” app who is integrating the “xyz” plugin into zapier.

I configured this app by selecting the authentication method as “API Key Authentication”. While configuring it, I provided the API endpoint URL. 

After configuring this, I went to user side and connected the “xyz” account in zapier while making a zap. So, entering API Key and SID, zapier is hitting my server twice.

Why it is happening ?


Thanks in Advance...



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When you configure auth, you’ll provide a test endpoint, where we can support the user by confirming the credentials they entered are valid, and will work once they turn their Zap on and leave their Zapier workflow running. Zapier will hit this endpoint in the Zap editor when the user sets a Zap up with the connection, and anytime they make a change to one of those Zaps. Also anytime they hit reconnect from “My Apps”, etc. There might be a couple other contexts where Zapier confirms a connected account is working by hitting the test endpoint, maybe when the Zap is actually turned on - details are escaping me a the moment. But I think that probably explains why you’re seeing the traffic you are.