API data handling questions

  • 3 July 2023
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  1. Could you please provide a detailed explanation of how API data that enters and exits Zapier is processed?

  2. Is the API data that Zapier processes strictly pass-through, or does it get stored at any point during or after processing?

  3. If the API data is stored, even temporarily, could you please provide more details on the following: a. How long is the data stored for? b. Where is the data stored (geographically and/or in terms of the specific database systems)? c. What security measures are in place to protect this stored data? d. Who has access to this stored data, and under what circumstances?

  4. If the API data is not deleted immediately after processing, could you please share your company's data deletion policies? Specifically, I'm interested in understanding how and when the data is deleted.

  5. Do you have any data minimization strategies in place? If yes, could you please share some details about these strategies?

  6. How does Zapier ensure the privacy and security of the API data during transit? What encryption methods are used?

  7. Does Zapier undergo any third-party security audits to ensure the security of the API data? If yes, could you please share some details about these audits?

  8. In the event of a data breach, what are the procedures Zapier has in place to respond and mitigate any potential harm?

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1 reply

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Hey @manuel.thomsen ,

Have you had a chance to check out the data privacy resources at the link below?

If the info you’re after is not included there, please feel free to reach out here: