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API Authorization endpoint

  • 28 April 2020
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The API library I am working with does not have a specific API endpoint for user credential verification. All of the available APIs are basically queries to the database I am connecting to. 

The API requires an API key, as well as a user name and password (all of which I have). Is there a way to have Zapier authenticate the account without a user verification API endpoint? 

I asked the API developers and they said to try using any of the API calls and see if it returned a 200 server response. I tried this, but since all of the API calls involve a query Zapier returns an error. 

The API documentation is here if it helps:

Also, if a user authentication API is required is there an easy way to have this implemented? Ideally a “drop in and go” (or as close as possible) solution? I realize that this would probably depend on the programing language(s) used for the API, but I don’t have that info at this time. I ‘d like to try and make it as easy as possible on the API developers to add in this feature if needed.

I appreciate any insight from the community.

Thank you!


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Hi @colinr I can see that you contacted our Support Team about this one and they let you know that you can use the API key method to authenticate if you’re building an app on our Developer Platform. If you have any follow up questions, it’s best to continue that conversation directly with them via email. 


If anyone has a similar question, here’s some more context on that from our Developer docs:

When to use API key authentication: Use API key authentication if your API primarily uses an API key to identify accounts, especially with apps for weather, maps, content verification, file conversion, and other data tools that require a key for access to the service but do not contain user-specific content. Alternately, since API key authentication allows you to create a custom input form, you can use it to customize username and password-based logins that don’t fit Zapier’s default Basic auth scheme