Announcing our #1 requested feature from our partners!

  • 23 November 2022
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Hey Y’all,

Ryan here, product manager at Zapier and today I’m excited to share that we’ve released a new tool for our partners to embed Zapier! But first, why should you embed Zapier? That’s a great question, here are a few reasons why:

  • Retain customers longer, reduce churn, drive upgrades, and improve their lifetime value.
  • Focus on building your core product without sacrificing valuable engineering resources on Zapier.

Below are a few quotes from our partners who have embedded Zapier in their products

Unbounce customers who use integrations powered by Zapier have more than 10X the LTV (lifetime value) of accounts that do not have a Zapier integration.— Robert Cameron, Product Manager at Unbounce

Not only are ClickUp users with a Zapier connection 25% more likely to upgrade to our paid plans, but it's also clear that they are 21% less likely to churn. — ClickUp


Introducing the Full Zapier Experience

So now that you’re sold on embedding Zapier, what exactly is this new tool we’ve released? We’re calling it the Full Zapier Experience. It’s the most popular request by our Integration Partners. We’ve heard you loud and clear. You dislike the disjointed user experience, where users have to leave your app if they want to create new Zaps or manage existing ones. 

The Full Zapier Experience (FZE) provides an easy, customizable setup:

  1. Navigate to our Developer Platform and click on the Embed link from the left navigation.
  2. Next, select the FZE as your embedded option continue on to the generator. From there, customize it to your liking, you can pick & choose how many apps and Zap templates to display.
  3. We’ll generate a few lines of code that you can simply paste into your product. Best of all, the Zap Editor is built right into the FZE! This means that your users never have to context switch and leave your site when they’re interacting with Zapier.

So, let us know what you think. Does our new tool satisfy your needs for in-app automation? How can we make it better?


9 replies

So stupid question here. If we embed FZE in our app, is the user using our subscription or their own? Otherwise, we are looking forward to integrating.

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Not a stupid question at all! The user signs-in/creates their own Zapier account, to the usage of Zapier goes on their account!

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We’ve added this to our site. and it works great where the integration has an existing template. 

However, when clicking on ‘Create your own workflow’, we see the iframe being blocked with this error:

‘Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.


Can you help?





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Hey Dave, can you share a link to where the Full Zapier Experience is so I can reproduce the error myself?

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Hi Ryan


The page isn’t public facing, it’s embedded in our web application, can you let me know an email address I can send details to?


If it helps, one of the specific areas I see this is when trying to start a new ‘create workflow’ Xero integration with our integration. However, it's not limited to Xero, it happens with any ‘create workflow’ where we don't have a template.

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Badge is the best email, i’ll be on the lookout for your note!

Userlevel 1 is the best email, i’ll be on the lookout for your note!

thanks for writing back Ryan.  It working now, I guess it just needed the xmas break… :)

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Hey @Ryan Powell,


Is there any way to make the integration completely seemless for the customer? Without having him create a zapier account?


If not, what about the payment for their account? I guess that they would need to top up their account. Is there a way for the partner to manage the cost of the customer's account?

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Hey @Haimb we do have a feature to make the account creation process seamless, it’s called Automatic Account Creation, more details here:

Currently we don’t support the ability of a partner to manage the cost of a customer’s account, but I’d love to learn more about your needs. Drop us an email at and ask for me so that we can get connected and chat!