Adding a new field in trigger output

  • 16 May 2022
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Our Zapier Integration is in public beta. While making Zap Templates we’ve realized that we’ll need some more data to power some of the use cases. Do we need to follow the “promote > migrate > deprecate” flow for adding new fields in the API response that powers one of our Triggers?


We don’t have any live users besides zaps created for testing. 

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1 reply

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Make the change, and thoroughly test the change.

If the new fields you are adding are required then this is a breaking change and you won’t be able to migrate Zaps to it.

If this addition is a non-breaking change, go ahead and migrate Zaps to it. Watch logs for errors and quickly roll back if needed (by migrating Zaps back to the original version). 

Once everything is proven to be stable, promote the new version.

Avoid deprecation unless the old version is going to stop working entirely. If it’s a breaking change you can just leave users running on the older version. Deprecation is a rough experience for users. Use that very sparingly. We’re working on some better solutions to get users across breaking changes in the product.