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  • 15 May 2020
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Currently we have 3 important triggers on our App and we want to add more triggers.

How would we new important triggers on App for the users?

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7 replies

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Hi! Could I ask which interface you’re using to build your integration? If you’re using the visual builder, hen you’re building the triggers, you should see the option to make a trigger ‘Important’ in the visibility dropdown:

Is that option visible to you?

Hi Zapier,

We are using the visual builder for triggers and actions. We have been using same to make a trigger Important or Hidden.

The issue we're facing when we are trying to add more important triggers (already have 3 important triggers).

We're getting following validation error [attached].


Please let us know how to include important triggers more than 3

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Sorry we missed your reply! Did you get this sorted or do you still need some help?

We still need help as we can’t add more than 3 Triggers/Actions

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Is there a reason why you want to mark more than 3 important. There will be a very visible link for users of your integration to click to see the other triggers/actions available.

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu  I tried to make it just visible .

And tried to validate the changes and I got this


Can you suggest me what you meant by Visible Link for users of your integration?

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When an app has multiple triggers, some are shown immediately, for others your have to click “Show more events”:




Zapier is just telling you that you can only pick 3 triggers/actions steps to show people instantly. It’s not restricting how many you can have.