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Add Line Item Groups

  • 25 May 2021
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Hello Zapier Community


I have a line item structure like this 


 - Items

  - id

  - name

  - whatever


how can I make the whole item section repeatable by adding + to add full section 

I tried this but it isn’t working 


   “key” : “items”, “dict”: true, “children” : [id, name, whatever etc]



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6 replies

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Hi @gaber.elhelw 

Try reading about line item groups in the docs 

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That feature, giving the user the ability to statically map 0 or more objects in the Zap Editor, is not currently supported in the product. 


It’s not an uncommon ask from developers, and it’s something we’ve talked about here for a long while, but not something I have a commitment for yet.


For others looking for this feature, please let me know and share your use case. That’ll help me communicate the value and scale of interest to the other product teams. Feel free to DM me. 

@Zane  Can you please clarify how I would approach multiple items in the same invoice with their prices quantity etc. I couldn’t get it 

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@Zane  Line Item Group lists is something that we would really like to have too. Our case involves dynamically rendering a variable amount of similar sections, each containing a couple of inputs. Right now, we have to hack this around by requiring the user to provide a number upfront, based on which we then render the exact amount of Line Item Groups - we’d love if they could add new sections by simply clicking a “+” button.

@Filip Rec  Can you please tell me how to use your hack I have an invoice that I want to add many items with their prices , quantities taxes etc. how would I approach this even a hack is welcome or a workaround to solve my app issue 


Thank you in advance 

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@gaber.elhelw simply use an `integer` field to dynamically render Line Item Groups. You enter `3` - three sections of inputs render below.