ZapChat with Jane Zhang: Product Marketing Manager @ Zapier

  • 1 March 2023
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ZapChat with Jane Zhang: Product Marketing Manager @ Zapier
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Ever wonder what Zapiens are up to behind the scenes? Aside from the Community see what we do...we’re doing it now...🙃

Check out our first ZapChat with Zapier’s own Jane Zhang! 🎉

Jane is our beloved Product Marketing Manager, hyping all things product-related while doing some serious project management to keep rollouts moving from production, into users’ hands.

She also has a tip for what to binge-watch if you need some suggestions! 🍿

4 replies

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Very cool ZapChat, love to see it and the very cool Jane talking about PMM and Zapier! 

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Jane hi, I am setting up a very simple connection from Vulcan7 and Followup Boss. But for some reason the test keeps failing. Can you help?

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@Las Vegas1 Hi there! I see you need some help setting up your Zap. Welcome to the Community! Can you please do me a favor, and hop over to our Homepage and click New Post at the top. That way you can provide some details and/or screenshots of your Zap and we can troubleshoot from there. 

It’s super helpful to describe your end goal with your Zap, as well as your Action and Trigger. Any additional context on your thought process setting it up is a bonus. Thanks so much!

P.S. Don’t forget to remove any personal information from your screenshots such as last names, addresses, and so on. 

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Okay will do thanks…,