Use automation to fight work burnout

  • 28 October 2020
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Use automation to fight work burnout
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Hey, folks! Janine here from the blog team. I wanted to share an article that feels timely, at least in my own life. We’re balancing work-from-home and school-from-home, and are entering a very busy celebration and holiday season for our family.

It all feels like a lot. 

But there are some techniques I’m using to help keep me focused on what needs doing. Our writer Krystina Martinez put together a collection of useful Zaps aimed at fighting burnout. Included in the collection are Zaps that can:

  • Set your status so your team knows when you’re available
  • Tie your Philips Hue bulbs in with your calendar
  • Schedule breaks and remind yourself to actually step away
  • Remind you to take vacation time
  • Filter information so you’re able to stay focused

Automate healthy work habits and fight burnout


One tip that’s not included in that piece is my favorite Zap to combat burnout: A bot that tells me to sign off Slack.

Are there any Zaps you use for things like this?

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