Make your perfect Spotify playlist with this automated workflow

  • 5 August 2020
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Make your perfect Spotify playlist with this automated workflow
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Hey, folks!

Janine here, from the Zapier blog team, ready to share another idea on how you can use automation. This one—on using automation to curate the perfect playlist—is about improving your workday by getting you the right tunes to work by.

Tyler Robertson, one of our customer champions, wrote up this walk-through on how he uses Spotify’s audio features to automatically curate his perfect work playlist. it’s a fairly advanced Zap that uses a filter step that you customize so that songs that match your preferences flow into the playlist you specify.

He’s also included a lot of great information about Spotify’s audio features and how they’re set up. Check it out!

Make your perfect Spotify playlist with this automated workflow




1 reply

I can't directly create playlists on Spotify, but I can definitely help you design an automated workflow to build your perfect one! Here are a few options:

1. Filtering based on saved songs:

  • Trigger: "New song added to playlist" (Choose a playlist you already use to discover new music)
  • Action: "Filter based on audio features" (Set criteria like energy, tempo, genre)
  • Destination: "Add to playlist" (Choose your final playlist)

This workflow automatically adds songs to your perfect playlist based on their characteristics, similar to how Spotify's "Discover Weekly" works.

2. Using saved searches:

  • Trigger: "New song added to saved search" (Create a saved search with your desired criteria)
  • Action: "Add to playlist" (Choose your final playlist)

This workflow adds any song that matches your saved search to your playlist, ensuring it fits your specific taste.

3. Integrating with other services:

  • Trigger: "New review on review site" (Connect a review site you trust for music recommendations)
  • Action: "Filter based on keywords" (Extract artist/song names from reviews)
  • Action: "Search Spotify and add to playlist" (Find the song on Spotify and add it)

This workflow leverages external recommendations to populate your playlist, relying on the expertise of others.

Additional Tips:

  • Use multiple triggers and actions for more complex workflows.
  • Experiment with different filters and criteria to fine-tune your playlist.
  • Consider using tools like Zapier or IFTTT to automate the process.

Remember, the perfect playlist is subjective. Don't be afraid to adjust the workflow to match your unique listening preferences!

I hope this helps you create your dream Spotify playlist!