Looking for ways to automate video calls?

  • 15 July 2020
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Looking for ways to automate video calls?
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Hi, folks! 

I’m Janine, one of the managing editors here at Zapier. My team writes articles about how to use Zapier to make your work easier. Today, I wanted to share some tips about automation for video calls. 

If you’re anything like me, video calls are a huge part of how you’re working (and socializing) these days. By now, you’ve got your tech figured out, and all the randomness about working from home with your roommates, family members, and pets has become old hat. (My daughter likes to carry one of our pet chickens into the room when I’m on a call. No one is surprised anymore.)

Staff writer Krystina Martinez put together this collection of Zaps that can help make your video conferencing life a bit better by using Zapier to set pre-call reminders, schedule calls at a time that’s best for everyone, create agendas, automate follow-up tasks, or manage meeting recordings. Check it out!

4 ways to automate video calls


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