January Zapier Community Recap

  • 8 February 2023
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January Zapier Community Recap
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So January 2023 was a busy month for you? Us too; here’s a recap in case you missed it. 👇👇👇


Product Updates

New In Transfer — 

Transfer by Zapier, allows scheduled Transfers to recognize related records in the destination integration and determine if a new record should be created or if records should be updated with new information. This ensures that data in the destination is up-to-date with the source of truth. The update includes new options for selecting destination app actions and the ability to recognize changes to user-editable fields in the source app. The first release of this functionality includes Shopify, Zendesk, and QuickBooks integrations.

Workflows & Workarounds 

How to Send Elementor Form Submissions to Zapier

This article is for Elementor users who want to send their form submissions to other apps, such as Google Sheets and CRMs. The article shows how to use Zapier to receive and forward submissions, which requires a paid Zapier plan that includes Webhooks. 

Potential Workaround for Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) OAuth 2.0-

You might have noticed that Zapier Developer Platform supports OAuth 2.0 "Authorization Code Flow" but does not currently have support for the PKCE extension. Check out this workaround available for both Platform UI and CLI apps while awaiting PKCE support, which is on the roadmap for the future.

Show & Tell 

How to Build a "Form Catcher" App Using Our Developer Platform

This article provides information on how to build a private app on the Zapier platform, specifically for capturing form submissions from Elementor forms. Zapier Community Manager Nick Simard details the benefits of creating a private app instead of using Webhooks by Zapier, such as giving it a more memorable name, making it more client-friendly, and providing detailed instructions for the trigger. The article is for those who are interested in creating a custom form catcher and want to learn more about the Zapier developer platform.

Member Spotlight 

Member Spotlight: Troy Tessalone, Automation Ace— 

If you’ve been around the Zapier Community, you’ve almost certainly come across our first member spotlight guest, Troy Tessalone. Troy is one of our community’s most beloved and active members, along with being a top Certified Zapier Expert! Zapier Community Manager Liz Roberts sat down with Troy to learn more about how his company, Automation Ace, has scaled with Zapier and how he views community engagement.

Member Spotlight: Kelly Goss—

Zapier Community Manager Liz Roberts recently sat down with Kelly Goss, a Zapier Certified Expert, published author, and founder of Solvaa (an agency that helps businesses increase productivity using streamlined systems and automated processes), to learn how Zapier has impacted her career and what advice she has for women entering the automation field. 

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