New in Transfer: Update or Create

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New in Transfer: Update or Create


The scheduled transfers function will be deprecated on January 15, 2024. Existing scheduled transfers will continue to run up until that date. To avoid any disruption, active scheduled transfers will be migrated into new Zaps that can perform the same workflow. You can learn more about these changes here

Welcome to the first product update of the year! This one is for Transfer, and it’s something we’re super excited about.

For scheduled Transfers, Zapier can now recognize related records in the given destination integration and determine if a new record should be created or if the records should be updated with new information.

What does that mean?

This means you can ensure that data in the destination is up to date with your source of truth, wherever that may be.

Before the update

  • All scheduled runs have what we call “deduplication” functionality. This means that any records that have already been transferred to the destination app using Transfer are not transferred another time. Only new records since the last run are transferred from the source of truth.
  • Any changes to user-editable fields in the source app are ignored. This means if a record is updated in the source, the destination app will not update the existing record, nor will it create a net new record with the updated info.

After the update

  • You will see new options when selecting destination app actions. These new actions will say “Update or Create X”
  • You will be prompted during the creation of the Scheduled Transfer to select the field that will serve as an identifier key for each record
  • Changes to user-editable fields in the source app are recognized. During the Scheduled Transfer run it will search to see if a record already exists in the destination app. If it does exist, it will update the existing record. If it does not exist in the destination app, it will create a new record.

Which integrations are included in the first release?

We’re launching with the following apps and actions, and are working on expanding this functionality to additional destination actions.


  • Update or create customer
  • Update or create product


  • Update or create ticket
  • Update or create user


  • Update or create customer
  • Update or create invoice


If you have any questions about the inner workings of this feature, please don’t hesitate to ask in the Community or reach out to our fantastic Support team!

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