How to get Slack notifications for new Gmail messages

  • 10 September 2020
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How to get Slack notifications for new Gmail messages
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Hey, Zapier Community! Janine here from the blog team with a little inspiration for you. 

If you find yourself switching between Gmail and Slack, trying to keep up on email without missing a beat with your team, I’d like to recommend this Zap that will notify you right in Slack when a message hits your inbox. 

This workflow is particularly helpful if several people need to monitor a shared inbox, for example, or if it’s important for your team to know about specific type of emails or go over next steps before someone follows up. 

We put together a walkthrough that shows you the basics, but also explains some of the advanced settings you can use to further customize your Zap, so you can reduce the noise and only see the important things come through in Slack.

If you’ve got any other ideas or suggestions for this kind of workflow, I’d love to hear them!

2 replies

04/01/22 - this is not working

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Thanks for reaching out, @Premier Table Linens. Sorry to hear that! We definitely want to help.

Is there a specific error you’re experiencing? Would you mind sharing any screenshots of errors and your current zap setup with any personal info obscured? That should help us get you pointed in the right direction! 🙂