Have you tried joining Zoom by phone?

  • 9 October 2020
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Have you tried joining Zoom by phone?
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Hi! I’m Deb, one of the Zapier blog editors. The other day, I called into a meeting for the first time in almost three years. By called in, I don’t mean that I logged into Zoom on my phone and looked at everyone’s tiny faces. I actually dialed a number and used my phone as an actual phone to participate in the Zoom call.

It was amazing. 

Give your video brain a break: Join Zoom by phone

Now that Zapier has a trigger for New Recording in Zoom, you can always have someone record the meeting, and it will automatically upload the recording to Google Drive or another app. That way if someone shared their screen or something, you can easily go back and take a look later. There’s really no downside.

Have you tried calling into a Zoom meeting? How did it go? Any mishaps I didn’t think about? Let me know in the comments!

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I’ve sometimes considered calling in, but in the end I always do it via the Zoom app (even during those times when I can’t focus 100% on watching what’s happening on the screen). Maybe next time I’ll try the dial-in number 😛