Community recap: April

Community recap: April
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Wondering what you missed for the month of April? No worries, I’ve got you! 👇

Product Updates

  • Zapier's newest product features: automation your team can count on

    • Over the past few months, we’ve released numerous highly-requested product features. Many of them enable teams to build and manage Zaps more easily. Look at the new features that empower teams to create, keep track of, and control mission-critical workflows—at scale.

Workflows & Workarounds 

  • Automate Notion Relations with Zapier

    • This tutorial shows how to use the Notion API with Code by Zapier action as a workaround. It walks through a hypothetical scenario where a contact form sends a webhook to Zapier, which adds the submission to the Submissions database in Notion and relates it to the Countries database. The tutorial explains how to generate a token, create databases, add an integration, and create a Zap. The Zap consists of four steps, including receiving the webhook, creating an item in Submissions, finding the country, and relating the country. The article provides the JavaScript code for the Code by Zapier action and suggests contacting the author for questions or help.

AI Content

  • Use OpenAI with Zapier to parse an email (or other data)

    • Suppose you have a webform that sends you notification emails containing all the form details in a single message. In that case, you may find it challenging to extract and transfer each piece of information to a specific field in your CRM or eCommerce app. While email parsing apps, code steps, or multiple formatter steps can do the job, they are not as straightforward as using OpenAI to parse data. In this article, we explore using OpenAI with Zapier to extract data from an email and map it into separate fields. We also discuss other potential use cases for this approach, such as parsing Slack messages or dealing with form apps that provide all data in a single field.
  • AI Voice & Tone When Creating Content

    • AI is being increasingly used in businesses for various tasks, including streamlining content creation. Still, it lacks the human touch of voice and tone in writing. There are three ways to train AI for appropriate writing: using specific prompts, setting clear expectations and guidelines, and providing solid examples to guide its output. It's important to consider ethics and avoid copyright violations when using AI.
  • Leveraging AI for marketing: How ChatGPT can generate content

    • This article explores how AI, specifically ChatGPT from OpenAI, can be used for Ads and Marketing purposes. It can help generate content for social media engagement, blog, and website content, book descriptions and blurbs, and email campaigns. However, reviewing and editing the generated content is critical to align with the brand and messaging.
  • Will It Zap? ChatGPT Edition...Round 2

    • ChatGPT helped set up a Zap for a small business owner to automate customer feedback collection and send thank-you emails. They successfully set up the first part of the Zap and now have to finish the job. If you're a small business owner looking to automate tasks, check out this article for the rest of the Zap setup.

Webinars & Events

Show & Tell

Member & Internal Spotlights 

  • ZapChat: Hong Chau

    • Hong leads the Zapier User Education team behind the shiny new Zapier Learn site. If you haven’t checked it out yet, swing by for interactive courses and videos!
  • Member Spotlight: Rob Schmidt

    • As a Zapier Certified Expert and founding partner of Outliant and Winona, Rob shared with us how Outliant leverages Zapier to stand out from the competition, enabling his team to think outside the box and find unique approaches to build wildly successful companies.

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