As you start to plan for 2021, automation can help you say no

  • 4 September 2020
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As you start to plan for 2021, automation can help you say no
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Hi! I’m Deb, one of the managing editors of the Zapier blog. We’re starting to think about 2021 planning over here, and that means we have all the ideas. It’s awesome because we get to think up pie-in-the-sky plans and figure out how to turn them into actionable projects. But, of course, it’s impossible to do everything we want to do—and that’s where we need to flex our “no” muscles.

At Zapier, we always try to build the robot to help us get better at our jobs, and saying no is a big part of doing good work. So we use automation to help us say no, whether it’s to a coworker who needs help, to our manager, to a meeting—or to ourselves.

Here’s a blog post I wrote about how we do it.

Use this tech trick to help you say no

With that said, what do you think we should do with the Zapier blog in 2021? Are there apps you want us to write about? Zaps you want tutorials for? Roles you want to see some automation inspiration about? Drop any thoughts in the comments!


2 replies

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Thanks for reading, kv! 

Hi Deb,

I like your title, and I am new to Zap.

Thanks for the blog.