Show full error on actin test

  • 5 May 2021
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When I test an action or trigger within the zap creation page and it gives an error I only get to see the first 4 lines of the error. 

“What happened (You are seeing this because you are an admin): Stack trace: ResponseError: {"status":400,"headers":{"content-type":"application/json"},"content":"{\"success\":false,\"message\":\"An”

This is useless for diagnosing the problem, One word of the error message is pointless.

I’m currently struggling with validation errors, if I test the API in Postman I get the full error message.

Is there any way I can expand the errro display to show me the full error rather than just the first 4 lines?

1 reply

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Hi @Horaland 

Do you mean just in any Zapier public app from the zap builder page? If so, you would need to contact zapier support to retrieve more information on those. 

If you are talking about a Zapier app that you are building, you can see the details of any request in the monitoring tab