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Setting Up Authentication for Help Scout's Mailbox API 2.0

  • 12 January 2021
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Hey, there!


I am new to Zapier’s Developer platform and I’m not a developer myself. I have limited experience using API’s and only some basic/foundational knowledge surrounding APIs.

Nonetheless, I’m looking to create a custom integration within Zapier for the purposes of getting some specific data not currently offered by the public Help Scout Zapier integration.

I am at the stage of setting up OAuth v2 authentication.

To best of my ability I have followed the Help Scout’s documentation for setting up authentication.

Unfortunately I am getting the following error:

Cannot change state from 1610418296.483357210070 to {my_app_secret_here} - please remove it from authentication.oauth2Config.authorizeUrl”


For Step 2, I successfully added the OAuth Redirect URL over in Help Scout!

For Step 3, I have successfully copied over the Help Scout App ID and App Secret to Zapier’s Client ID and Client Secret fields!

For Step 4, I have added the Authorization URL with my App ID and secret:{application_id}&state={your_secret}

But it is in this step I uncertain of what might require adjustments based on Help Scout’s documentation

Help Scout suggests that all authentication requests must be,

“authenticated via the Authorization header, “ and I am uncertain of what this means.

Am I meant to be adjusting the HTTP Headers in the Authorization URL step?


If anyone is able to help out a total beginner and point me in the right direction, I’d super appreciate it!


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Got a tip from a cool cat that lead me to realize I was adding redundant data.
Zapier previously asked me for the API credentials and I was trying to write overtop that with a hardcoded ID and Secret. I inserted the variable that Zapier uses for these values and it worked!