OAuth authorization takes too long and times out

  • 22 December 2021
  • 3 replies

While setting up a new integration in Zapier with Laravel Passport, and testing the Oauth authentication,

After clicking on the Authorize button, it takes long to respond and comes back with the error as below. Please assist.


3 replies

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Hi @Anitha Sabareesh - Can you check the Monitoring section for your Zapier integration in the Zapier Platform and see if it’s getting an access token from your API?


There were issues with the OAuth Server setup, so we resorted to APIKey authentication, right now its getting the json response as returned from the API method. Is there any specific response that is required from Zapier end for validating success or failure of API Key? The current response is sent with code 200 for success  and 201 for failure. The json array passed from our end is 

  "success": "true"



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Hi @Anitha Sabareesh ! I responded to your last question in your new topic :)