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How to make a inout field with list:true and children?

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I’m building an action to create a customer and in this case the customer can be created with an array of Contacts and Locations. I’ve tried to create the inout field object like this 

[ { "key": "contacts", "label": "Contacts", "list": true, "children": [ { "key": "prefix", "label": "Prefix", "choices": [ { "sample": "Mr.", "value": "Mr.", "label": "Mr." }, { "sample": "Mrs.", "value": "Mrs.", "label": "Mrs." }, { "sample": "Ms.", "value": "Ms.", "label": "Ms." }, { "sample": "Dr.", "value": "Dr.", "label": "Dr." }, { "sample": "Atty.", "value": "Atty.", "label": "Atty." }, { "sample": "Prof.", "value": "Prof.", "label": "Prof." }, { "sample": "Hon.", "value": "Hon.", "label": "Hon." }, { "sample": "Gov.", "value": "Gov.", "label": "Gov." }, { "sample": "Ofc.", "value": "Ofc.", "label": "Ofc." }, { "sample": "Rep.", "value": "Rep.", "label": "Rep." }, { "sample": "Sen.", "value": "Sen.", "label": "Sen." }, { "sample": "Amb.", "value": "Amb.", "label": "Amb." }, { "sample": "Sec.", "value": "Sec.", "label": "Sec." }, { "sample": "Pvt.", "value": "Pvt.", "label": "Pvt." }, { "sample": "Cpl.", "value": "Cpl.", "label": "Cpl." }, { "sample": "Sgt.", "value": "Sgt.", "label": "Sgt." }, { "sample": "Adm.", "value": "Adm.", "label": "Adm." }, { "sample": "Gen.", "value": "Gen.", "label": "Gen." }, { "sample": "Maj.", "value": "Maj.", "label": "Maj." }, { "sample": "Capt.", "value": "Capt.", "label": "Capt." }, { "sample": "Cmdr.", "value": "Cmdr.", "label": "Cmdr." }, { "sample": "Lt.", "value": "Lt.", "label": "Lt." }, { "sample": "Lt Col.", "value": "Lt Col.", "label": "Lt Col." }, { "sample": "Col.", "value": "Col.", "label": "Col." } ] }, { "key": "fname", "required": true, "type": "string", "label": "First Name" }, { "key": "lname", "required": true, "type": "string", "label": "Last Name" }, { "key": "suffix", "type": "string", "label": "Suffix" }, { "key": "contact_type", "type": "string", "label": "Contact Type" }, { "key": "dob", "type": "string", "label": "DOB" }, { "key": "anniversary", "type": "string", "label": "Anniversary" }, { "key": "job_title", "type": "string", "label": "Job Title" }, { "key": "department", "type": "string", "label": "Department" }, { "key": "is_primary_contact", "required": true, "type": "boolean", "label": "Is primary" }, { "key": "phones", "label": "Phones" }, { "key": "emails", "label": "Emails" } ] }



But I can’t create a list of Contacts in the UI. Is there a way to do it?

I found this issue that describes exactly what I need.


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Mario Costa



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I think that this would be best handled by the Support Team. I've escalated this and someone will be touch via email to help you with it as soon as possible.

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@mario.costa.13 According to the docs, those keys are mutually exclusive, so you can't have both of them at the same time.