How I display my zap in zap history and also need help to resolve Publishing Tasks and warnings

  • 19 July 2022
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I create the zap with my trigger and also turning on that zap.
for the reference I attached the screenshots here
This is my account’s Home Folder

but I cant see any of zap in my Zap History

In my account I can see the live zap count

but still I get this Publishing Tasks

and the warning

Please help me on this

2 replies

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Need to check your Zap. Let’s connect. Check Private Message.

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Hey @Harshida 👋

Based on those screenshots, it looks like you have some Zap runs with successful tasks in your Zap History, but not for the Zap with the new_spark trigger - I suggest you try completing the event in your app that should trigger one of those Zaps when Zapier polls the endpoint you’ve setup for that trigger. 

If that doesn’t trigger a turned on Zap, you’ll want to check the configuration for your polling trigger.

More on polling triggers here: