• 2 March 2022
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I am intergrating with the HMRC API (UK taxation office) and was looking to use Zapier for some of the calls but the oauth2 API won’t work on the dev login. A list of issues, I am getting something wrong in the fundimental setup for it to look that bad. 

Any experts in oauth or perhaps someone who has experience working with that API.

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4 replies

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Are you building a custom integration to connect to this API, or are you attempting to configure a “Webhooks by Zapier” Zap step? I ask because your message has a Webhooks tag.

For an OAuth API, assuming it’s authorization code grant flow, you’ll want to use Zapier’s Developer Platform tools to create a custom integration, if you’re not already there. The Webhooks by Zapier tool is not well suited for handling most OAuth flow types. The tools are at, and some documentation on configuring OAuth is at

Other than that, if you post more details here about the problems you’re running into, the community might be able to spot the issue.  Post your auth config (be sure to redact any secrets) and what errors you’re seeing. 

@Zane , sorry for the late reply. I maaged to get the oauth2 going to a degree but I think I have found that xml out of a custom intergtration isn’t possible. I am really hoping to use zapier as so much info is already going through that’s in use.

Is there a solution for this?

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You can work with XML in your integration! You’ll need to export your project to the Zapier CLI, where you can import your favorite XML parser library


Hi Zane,

I haven’t ever used CLI. Is it tougher than Developer? My worry is that I really struggled to get the Oauth2 API sorted and I’m reaching the limit of my abilities.