Help getting data from Quickbooks Online into my company's app

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi. I’m a new developer and I’m in over my head. I’m hoping someone here in the Zapier community can help me.

The company I started working for is integrating their application with two programs: Quickbooks Online and a whitelisted CRM. I’ve been tasked with building out this integration using Zapier.

I was able to get outbound data transfer working, so when a new customer is created in our application, data is sent through Zapier and results in QBO and the CRM also adding copies of the new customer to their systems. I went through the process of setting up authentication (using sessions/Javascript Web Tokens), making sure data could be read from our API, sorting the data in reverse chronological order so that Zapier knew where the new data was, and built a trigger so that when a new customer is added in our app, two separate Zaps are triggered that send that customer’s info to QBO and to the CRM. That side is fine.

Now, I’m working on the reverse, starting with QBO, and I’ve hit some roadblocks.

I can authenticate to QBO and see the most recent customer in the test from Zapier. However, I don’t know how to grab that data to use it so that I can send it to our app. I also wanted to ask for clarity if I need to use the Input Designer to add custom fields so that fields in our app can be matched/mapped to fields in the other programs.

During testing, the field names I tried didn’t work (for example, 'customerDisplayName': bundle.inputData.displayName,). I get a successful API call and response, but there’s no new customer saved in our app. If I hardcode values into the object, that information DOES transmit properly and show up in the app, so I know I’m either not reading the data from the source correctly or my format is incorrect (I’m leaning towards the former).

If anyone can help me understand how to properly go about resolving this, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @vish213, welcome to the Community! 

When using the Platform UI to build your integration the input designer is where you would add fields to your action’s input form. So you’ll want to add fields in there that relate to the fields in your app, so that customers can map fields from other apps to the fields in your app when setting up their Zaps. 

It looks as though the Platform documentation has guides on how to set up an action, configure the input form fields and send the field data back to your app which you may find helpful in setting this up:

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction! :)