"fields list" trigger input


I need to allow a Zapier user to create a Zap that syncs entities containing custom fields between my platform and a CRM.

It seems the best way to do that would be allowing the user to specify the field list on a trigger, using a form looking like this one :

i.e. the user inputs multiple items, each having 3 properties :

  • key ;
  • label, which, as a last resort, could be auto-generated from the key property on my back-end, although it would reduce the user’s experience ;
  • type, which needs to be a dropdown offering a few choices like string/integer/boolean/datetime ;

How to do that ?

  • The string input field with the allow multiples option would only allow specifying 1 property per item
  • The dictionary input field would only allow specifying 2 properties per item and would not allow autocompleting the 3rd one


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