Custom Validation Function for Input fields in Dynamic Dropdowns

  • 22 September 2023
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Hey team, 
As seen in the image below, say I have a field XYZ and its set to required, if I do not select a value for this field, it shows a error message in red text describing the issue. 

Is it possible to write my own input validation function, say checkIfAllowed [which could possibly be an API call]? 
The flow will look something like: 1. I select some option for the input field XYZ, this function should execute and depending on the result, an error message can be shown to the user, say “Not allowed”. Or in positive case, the rest of the dropdown should show. 

I see I can use altersDynamicFields  for dynamically updating the rest of the dropdown. Can I in any way show a custom error message if the validation fails? 


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4 replies

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Hey @piyushrc,

I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment, but it would definitely be an amazing addition to the platform. I’ve shared your interest in this functionality with the product team so they can keep it in mind for future updates. 

Hey @connorz , Thanks for the update. A quick follow up, so I am assuming there is no other way to disable the Continue button in the Zap editor either? 

Is there any flag I can set on Zapier that would render the Continue the button disabled and not let the user create a new Zap? 

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Hey @piyushrc ,

Correct, there is also not currently any feature that allows you to disable the “Continue” button directly. 

One workaround, however, might be to add some error handling to a trigger or action’s Perform. For example, in this example, I’m checking if the value of the “fruit” field is “Apple.” If it’s not, I’m throwing an error…

...which would be surfaced in the editor when the user tests the step, like if I entered “Orange” as seen below:

As you’ll notice, however, it’s still possible for the user to Skip the test after it fails. If the test is skipped the trigger or action’s default sample would be used when the user maps next-steps.


I am trying to achieve the same thing. I wonder why the error was not displayed in the UI; instead, I received an email with the error and error message. I would like to see the error in the UI, when I try to validate the field. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.