API Authentication test from Curl example

  • 27 December 2021
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Hello. I am trying to build a private app/module for I have the key request and the post url entered. I keep failing the API authentication test. I don’t how to translate the developer curl example into what Zapier wants for Step 2 of the Authentication in the Platform UI.

# An example of an authorized API call
curl "" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <my-secret-api-token>"

# and

curl "" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <my-secret-api-token>" \
--data '{"name":"Maths"}'


authentication failed: The app returned ""name" is required". What happened (You are seeing this because you are an admin): Stack trace: ResponseError: {"status":400,"headers":{"content-type":"application/json; charset=utf-8"},"content":"{\"error\":\"\\\"name\\\" is required\"}","request":{"url":""}} at Object.throwForStatus (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/http-middlewares/after/throw-for-status.js:7:11) From previous event: at executeHttpRequest (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/execute.js:22:6) at execute (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/execute.js:90:12) at /var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/create-command-handler.js:29:20 at Object.<anonymous> (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/middleware.js:90:22) at bound (domain.js:427:14) at Object.runBound (domain.js:440:12) From previous event: at /var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/middleware.js:89:45 at /var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/tools/create-lambda-handler.js:216:18 at bound (domain.js:427:14) at runBound (domain.js:440:12) at processImmediate (internal/timers.js:461:21) at process.topLevelDomainCallback (domain.js:138:15) at process.callbackTrampoline (internal/async_hooks.js:124:14) From previous event: at Domain.<anonymous> (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/tools/create-lambda-handler.js:200:10) at (domain.js:371:14) at Runtime.handler (/var/task/node_modules/zapier-platform-core/src/tools/create-lambda-handler.js:192:19) at Runtime.handleOnce (/var/runtime/Runtime.js:66:25)


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Hi @n8atkinson ! You would have to fill in the name field here::


If the name is something that the user can change, you should create a name field in the ‘Input Designer’, and then do it like this:

I hope this helps!

Hi, everyone. I have decided to get some outside help on this as I have spent way too much time on it and little to no progress. I appreciate the help.