403 error while using Session Auth

  • 2 October 2021
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Please help!.
1. I am using UI platform and switched to code for parsing the response
2. Session auth connection is working and all tests went successful,I added one zap with trigger.  Access_token expired after 15 minutes (saw in monitoring tab)
3. I found solution in community posts and added in response. 
   if (response.status === 403 || response.status === 401) {
    throw new z.errors.RefreshAuthError();
In trigger request.
4. This solved 403 error partially, so I can see trigger is checking for new data and I can see eight status=200 responses   and four (4)are still status=403 errors. How can I get rid of 403?
5 What are bundles (8 now on monitoring )

here is my code



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