Problem with GET Webhook

Hi everyone,

I have a minor problem with a GET Webhook. 


The setup of the step looks like this:


I have added the entity from the previous step.

But when I test this step, it will loose the entity ID after the URL:



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You could try reloading the data from your trigger step. 

If you type in the id manually into the url do you have any problems? 

It may be best to contact Zapier support as they will be able to look into the bug further: 

Thanks for your response!

If I type in the id manually, everything works fine. I have tried the reloading and also creating the zap from scratch but both didn’t work. :-(

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I would reach out to Zapier support 


They should be able to provide some more insight. All seems to be set up correctly. 

@GetUWired Thanks, already done that and waiting for response now :-)