How to include Radio Button Tags for Docusign using JSON?

  • 18 August 2023
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Can i just ask if you have had any experience with Radio Button Tags for Docusign, I need to have just one element in my contract that the signer will need to select either option 1 or option 2 and docusign wipes any native radio buttons.. i have researched this and there are tags that can be used for this with a JSON but not sure how to include them via zapier to the document to make them stick…

here is the JSON i have been playing with…

{ "signer3": { "radioGroupTabs": [ { "groupName": "choose an option for signer 3", "radios": [ { "anchorString": "\\s3rad1option1\\", "anchorHorizontalAlignment": "right", "anchorUnits": "pixels", "anchorYOffset": "-5" }, { "anchorString": "\\s3rad1option2\\", "anchorHorizontalAlignment": "right", "anchorUnits": "pixels", "anchorYOffset": "-5" } ] }, { "groupName": "choose another option for signer 3", "radios": [ { "anchorString": "\\s3rad2option1\\", "anchorHorizontalAlignment": "right", "anchorUnits": "pixels", "anchorYOffset": "-5" }, { "anchorString": "\\s3rad2option2\\", "anchorHorizontalAlignment": "right", "anchorUnits": "pixels", "anchorYOffset": "-5" }, { "anchorString": "\\s3rad2option3\\", "anchorHorizontalAlignment": "right", "anchorUnits": "pixels", "anchorYOffset": "-5" } ] } ] } }


8 replies

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@Jason P 

What does the DATA OUT from DocuSign look like that you are trying to use? (screenshot)

How are you trying to use that data in Airtable? [which field? which field type?] (screenshot)

So the radio buttons (only two in one group) are not represented in Airtable, as it's not pushing the populated data to the Docusign, It’s the only field I’m hoping to collect data, The idea is just the main receiver \s1\ will be able to make a mandatory selection of Option 1 or Option 2, so the only field to collect data… so the zap goes from airtable which hold all the other data that gets pushed to Docupilot (this is becouse zpaier doesn't support multiple signers in docusign) Docupilot allow me to add tags to the fillable PDF template i created in acrobat, then puses in the airtable data from zapier, then pushes the populated PDF to Docusign for sending out.. complicated I know.. 

the issue is that docusign flattens the PDF by ult and this removes or makes the radio button static and no longer select-able.. so im hoping these dynamic Docusign Tags will allow me to add in  the radio selection for the one signer in docusign…

here are some screen shots

This is the a field in the zapier to enter the JSON into a text box in the pdf before it goes to docusign..

this is the pdf selection section for the two options…

hope this helps get your head around what im hoping to do..


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@Jason P

That data would need to be part of the DocuSign DATA OUT.

Can you provide screenshots examples like the one below?


Sorry i missed you, here are the screenshots of the Docupilot and the Zapier push data.. although nothing is out of the ordinary.. the document has a ton of data depending on the selection via Airtable.. just not sure where and how to put in the dynamic tags for DocuSign?


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@Jason P 

Dare I suggest looking into a different esign app that supports multiple signers rather than this convoluted workaround?

I know right!  Also zapier doesn't support it that well or not at all for multiple signers… 

Unfortunately, I do not have the time for a changeover as the deadline doe this is tomorrow..

I have it working (although extremely complicated and convoluted) just need to get the last element to work with is the radio button, apparently, this is possible using the dynamic tags placed on the document?


It requires JSON but I'm not up to speed with coding so I can make out sort of what its trying to do but don’t know where and how to apply It within the zap and were it needs to display

Any help would be more that extremely appreciative…



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@Jason P 

What is the link to the DocuSign documentation you are referencing for the dynamic tags JSON?

Is this screenshots from the DocuSign Zap step?


Yes this is the JSON i have put in to the doc via a zap step with all the other data that gets pushed in,  it doesn't work.. I'm not on top of the code side and what it represents or what it should include.. this code i got from researching inserting a radio button pair in a doc.. though it might work but sadly not…