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Custom webhooks

Is that possible to have a custom webhook URL, instead of using the ones generated by Zapier? The main motivation for this approach would be to have an unique webhook that would trigger multiple Zaps 

Our system has different events and we wouldn’t want to maintain different Zapier webhook IDs per event, and instead, just one webhook that would trigger different Zaps. 

Is it related with Subscribe and Unsubscribe URLs? 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 6 May 2021, 17:32

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I just found these resources:


But these doesn’t seem to mention the possibility of having a custom webhook from our system

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Hi @Laura Beatris 

Zapier provides the webhook URLs since the data would be sent to Zapier to trigger Zaps.

If you provided a custom webhook URL, that would mean data is sent to a different app and Zapier would not be involved.

Does that help clarify your question?


If you do what’s described in the article you linked, you can trigger multiple Zaps for each Event, then use a Filter step as Step 2 in each Zap to only continue processing the Zap(s) that pass the filter step, thus achieving 1 Webhook that triggers multiple Zaps.

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Hey @Laura Beatris!

Just checking in to see if you saw Troy’s reply here. Did this help to answer your question? Please let us know! :)