Modify label and help text of basic auth "username" and "password" fields in CLI mode

  • 4 March 2024
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I want to change “Username” label to “App ID” and “Password” label to “App Key”. I have set up Basic auth using CLI mode. 

Here is what I have tried already:

// ...

module.exports = {
type: 'basic',
// ...
fields: [
computed: false,
key: 'username',
required: true,
label: 'App ID',
type: 'string',
helpText: 'Enter your App ID. [Know more]('
computed: false,
key: 'password',
required: true,
label: 'Data API Key',
type: 'password',
helpText: 'Enter your Data API Key. [Know more]('
// ...
'{{bundle.inputData.app_name}} (Dashboard {{bundle.authData.region}})',
basicConfig: {},

And when I pushed the code of this version, this is what I see when connecting to my app in Zapier:


I was also adding a draft Zap before pushing the code, and I refreshed my page and tried to add a new connection and “test” my zap again - everything worked as intended. Now my questions are -


  1. Is this going to be a breaking change? I am just adding a help text and modifying the label. The default “username” and “password” fields are not changed.
  2. I saw another post that mentioned this was not possible. Has this changed now because this looks like it’s working?

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