When is this company getting with the times and have DARK MODE????????

  • 27 March 2024
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I’ve read comments about having dark mode and some were a year old and nothing yet.
I’m thinking zapier is taking it’s customers for granted, most businesses want to hear from their clients on how they can improve, looks like this company really doesn’t care about their clients!!
They have our money and think we are hear to stay.

Well I’ve been here a short time searched this issue out and ended up here, this almost sounds like our present goverment!!  They could care less about what the citizens want regardless, and zapier is the same, if it’s been requested by their clients for that long and nothing yet what does that say?
They don’t give a shit what we want just keep paying and shut up!! 

Even tho basically everyone online is using dark mode it’s old news, these guy could care less what we want!!  I learned about others before I came here, was being used the most but zapier is a lot more money to use and are behind the times! 
Just getting going and can easily switch obviously these guy don’t care one way or another, just like our goverment!!
Why give them my money???

1 reply

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Hi @Healthyhorse 

Best to submit feedback and feature requests via a ticket to Zapier Support to be properly logged: