New Shopify Order in Store 1 Creates a New Order in Store 2

  • 15 March 2024
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The issue we are facing is that each store has the same products, though obviously product IDs do not match, among other pieces of product details. Using Lookup Tables we’re able to switch names, IDs, etc., however when assembling the new Shopify Order Zap step the line items are not all being added to the product, along with associated SKUs, images, names, IDs. We’ve gotten quite deep into the weeds with our current Zap and I am sure a lot of it is unnecessary, but this was all throughout the troubleshooting. The issue appears to be replacing the line items from the Order Trigger with the correct Products in the new store. We have scoured the internet searching for a solution that seems to fit this unique situation, though to no avail. Providing screenshot of the (most important/used) steps thus far. 


Intaking new orders from store 1, complete with line-item support
Taking store 1 product names, converting to store 2 product names
Converting store 2 product names to the correct product IDs


The result is a new order with Product Names from the original order (Store 1) being used on a new order for Store 2 with incorrect SKUs, missing images, and incorrect product names.

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