Zoom Recording titles cut short on YouTube due to formatting limits.

  • 28 August 2023
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So I had recently setup all my Zoom accounts (I manage 9) to automatically upload recordings on Zoom to a YouTube channel. I had the zap running the date through formatter to pre-pend the YT title to start with the date as “YYYY-MM-DD_” followed by the Zoom topic as the title. It worked well for about 2 recording when I started getting a failure notice. It turned out that the topic was too long and pushed the title in YT past the 100 character max. So I have now added a second formatter step to cap out the Zoom topic to the first 80 characters. So with that, plus the date, we will always be under 100 characters. When I manually move the old data, it works perfectly, but it doesn’t seem to trigger on any new test recordings I have been putting through. Very strange. Is this possibly an issue with using multiple formatter steps? Note that there was a beta AI thing in Formatter asking me to describe what I wanted to do (and it seemed to figure it out perfectly). 

4 replies

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Hi @gcoffice 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured?


Check your Zap Runs to see if there are any errors:


One option might be to use AI (OpenAI or ChatGPT) to intelligently shorten the Title.

I checked the Zap runs, it just doesn’t seem to run it for a reason unless I manually trigger (and then it works as expected). As for OpenAI, I am pretty sure that was the option it gave me to help create the new formatter step to truncate the title to 80 characters.

The only thing I changed was adding the new formatter step and then updating the YouTube step to include the output from the second formatter step (as opposed to the direct topic from Zoom). I have attached screenshots of those two steps.

As noted, it DOES run if I manually trigger it for previous data, but doesn’t trigger when a new recording comes in, like I would expect (and as it did prior to the addition of the second formatter step).

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Help article:


I am having trouble downloading a recording from the New Recording trigger

To receive a URL that will allow you to download files from the New Recording trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure “Only authenticated users can view cloud recordings” is set to OFF.
  3. Make sure “Require password to access shared cloud recordings” is set to OFF.

Image showing settings in Zoom that must be off for Zapier to receive recordings

At this time, the New Recording trigger is only able to provide accessible download URLs when those two settings are set to Off.

If you need to have one or both of those settings set to On, but would still like to download files from the New Recording trigger, please contact our support team, and we can file a feature request on your behalf.

Yeah, I had that issue earlier in the process and have already adjusted all the those settings. It was working fine until I created the second formatter step (unless I had a video with more than 100 characters…..hence the need for the second formatter step). I will try re-building it from scratch. Maybe it was getting funky from copy/editing an existing Zap.